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Awatar is a new, easy-to-use and very intuitive Augmented Reality APP that will give brands and consumers new dimensions, transforming any content into an unexpected and dynamic journey.

Our way is simple: relate images to video content which adds value to the image, creating an interactive experience that integrates virtual elements with realistic visualizations, all at a distance of a simple smartphone.

A tool that brings brands and users together through an innovative and captivating experience.

How it works


An innovative, technological and value enhancing tool that allows new forms of immersion in the contents interacting with the user.
With Awatar, the brand integrates a digital kiosk that presents all projects participating in the platform. To access the content, just point the camera at the item using the Awatar App and watch the spot, movie or related animation.

For your brand to join, you only need to provide:

  • A video in mp4 file to upload or the link to the video on Youtube
  • An image this video will relate to.(An image that the video will relate to.)

Awatar´s Back Office sets everything up in a short time to make the material ready for use.

Awatar can be used in the following contexts:

  • Institutional communication - A report and accounts or an institutional book may allow access to audiovisual content (a statement from the CEO, a Client, an employee ...)
  • Advertising – allows the consumer to access the campaign spot through an outdoor or a print Ad;
  • Business communication - Imagine a product catalog that allows the seller to display illustrative videos or, in a store, allows a new product launch - a video presentation that encourages a purchase.
  • Internal communication - allowing you to play movies with “surprise messages”, accessed through “posters” or other specific images on the premises;
  • Promotions / Experiences - Imagine an “egg hunt” through the app, an experience that involves the user and where Brand-related content can be presented.


A very simple tool to use, more content, more dynamism and interest in visualization.

To start the Awatar experience, the user just needs to download the App then using the app, point the phone to the image marked with the icon. .